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Senior Assisted Living Solutions is an assisted living placement service

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Dear Family,

We, at Senior Assisted Living Solutions are  incredibly excited about the prospect of becoming a part of your family, and helping you develop a plan in caring for your elderly loved one.  We have been professionally caring for the elderly for many years,  we are motivated by a deep respect and admiration for seniors, the lives they have lived and  the wisdom of their years. We are a professional placement company, but in truth, that does not correctly describe our service. We are advocates, intercessors, negotiators, and servants to a gone by era, that worked so hard to make our world what it is today. We are firmly committed to helping make their final chapters as positive and as nurturing as possible. We would love the opportunity to increase your knowledge and awareness in navigating this section of life’s journey --at no cost to you.

Senior Assisted Living Solutions (SALS) will help you find a “family solution” that best meets your needs and expectations. From your living room to the end of life; take comfort knowing that you have a friend in us. Our team is caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to bettering the lives of the elderly and their families. We have a hands on approach, as we are locally owned and operated.  When you use our services, not only do we serve you; we become “another set of eyes” for you in the care of your loved one in an assisted living facility. This is especially helpful for “out of state” family and people who have demanding jobs.

We will conduct an in depth, comprehensive, biography on you (the senior) or your loved one to make a perfect match with one of our select assisted living facilities.

Upon our initial visit, we will discover meaningful information to support and integrate the family into an in home or assisted living match. Together, we will select an assisted living facility, or in home solution that fits you or your loved ones physical, spiritual and emotional needs. SALS will share our vast resources with you to increase awareness and knowledge; to build and bridge relationships for the betterment of you (the senior) or your loved ones journey through this life change.

SALS only works with qualified Assisted Living Facilities. A place we would select for our own mothers and fathers. When selecting the communities we work with, we consider the assisted living facilities core values, customer service attitude, philosophy towards care of the elderly , staffing ratio’s, resident centered planning of care schedules, nutrition program, activity/leisure programs and outings, chain of command for grievances, and most important- line of communication between the care team and the family.

SALS works to integrate the needed industry professionals, to include physicians, psychologist, psychiatrist, MSW’s, real-estate brokers, movers, elder law attorneys, care givers, and clergy to support the resident and families acceptance of this life change, and  to enhance a sense of well-being.  

We stay connected with you throughout the entire process, until you feel comfortable in your new endeavor and surroundings. We offer this service to you at NO COST, because we have partnered with the assisted living facilities to help you. SALS is a great help to their community, as well as providing a great service to the elderly. Our primary goal is to help find a solution, and bring peace to you and your family during this chapter in your lifes journey.

When an assisted living community is selected we provide the following;

  • We will meet with you and your family in the comfort of your own home.
  • We match your needs assessment with the assisted living facilities vision
  • We will arrange and accompany you on tours of those communities 
  • We will help you discover funding that may be available
  • We will help you negotiate with the assisted living community
  • We will assist in developing a care plan to meet your needs
  • We will assisted in the senior’s transition into the assisted living facility
  • We will provide oversight until the transition is complete
  • We remain a life long friend!

Your new friend,

Terry Myers


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