As an Assisted living Director over-seeing a large community, I realized quickly I needed a tool to track and assign care schedules for my residents. I also needed to make the process seamless for my nursing staff, so they could focus more time on the “hands on care” of my residents instead of doing paperwork from an office. 

My husband and lifelong mate was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2009. As a result, I spent a lot of time at Moffitt Cancer Center, where he underwent rigorous treatment. This furthered my need for a tool to oversee the care of my residents.  So during Jim’s (my husband) treatment, we developed MALRS to help me run my assisted living facility; which was in Bradenton- from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

God called Jim home in 2011, it was the single most devastating moment in my life.  Jim was a loving charismatic man; he also had a wisdom about him that superseded death.  Before his death, he urged me to share MALRS with other assisted living administrator’s facing the same dilemma.

So honey, this is dedicated to you, and your contribution to helping take care of the elderly.

Myers Assisted Living Recording Solution (MALRS) 

MY Assisted Living Recording Solution

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