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"About me" helps the assisted living provide person centered care for an individual suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia

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One more smile. Throughout my career I have always said; “if, everyday we can get one more smile from our residents we have done our jobs”. Let’s face it growing old is not for the faint of  heart, it is tough business.

 Our goal is to place seniors in an assisted living environment that nurtures their mind, fosters independence, provides care for the body, and touches the Spirit. We not only help you select an assisted living  community, we help with the entire transition of your loved one. Our trained professionals will work with you, and the assisted living community to develop a plan of care that meets the needs of the family as a whole. Senior Assisted Living Solutions does a comprehensive discovery of a persons needs; likes, dislikes, routines, and desires to make the perfect match.

 We will never share your information with an assisted living community, until you have made the selection and give us permission to move forward.

  • We will help you negotiate with the assisted living  community
  • We will help find funding that may be available
  • We will follow your loved ones transition to the assisted living community

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Nothing is more important than your family!

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When should you start planning for alternative care solutions for your aging parent? Our experts weigh in.

Senior Assisted Living Solutions Find The Right Assisted Living Facility At No Cost To You

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Learn about the restorative power of sleep for aging seniors.

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Assisted living facilities- Senior Assisted Living Solutions-find the right assisted living facility at no cost to you=assisted living placement service in St. petersburg

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Senior Assisted Living Solutions find the right assisted living facility at no cost to you!

Senior Assisted Living Solutions is an assisted living placement service

with a living room approach that brings our service to the comfort of your home

 You have just been faced with one of life’s most difficult decisions; after visiting your mom at the rehab, her doctor is suggesting that (you the adult child) find an assisted living facility for her because she is no longer safe at home. Your first inclination is to rally friends and family together to share in the care of mom in her home. All too soon you realize that even this great family effort is not giving mom the support she needs to live independently at home.  As you begin your search, you quickly realize how confusing and laborious finding the right assisted living facility is. You may have signed up in one of the “free” search websites and became bombarded with sales people calling to share why “they are the perfect match” or worse yet, they are the perfect match but mom’s income will not afford her entry.

Hello, my name is Terry (a former administrator in the assisted living industry) and I have spent many years sitting at the table with adult children trying to navigate through just this scenario.  It is heart breaking. A few years ago, I hung up my name badge and decided to get in the trenches helping seniors and their loved ones find real solutions to their very real problem of selecting the right assisted living facility. I am a real person (not a search engine) and I know the ins’s and outs of selecting an assisted living facility to match your loved ones needs and I want to share this knowledge with you at NO COST. I will become the advocate for you and your family, I will help you navigate the system, find funding that may be available, negotiate with the assisted living facility, help set up the plan of care and most importantly follow mom through her transition into her new home. I will never share your information with any assisted living facility until you have made your selection. You will never be bombarded by sales people trying to make their quotas. Nothing is more important than your family and I am here to help you, Terry, a real person helping you! Call today….
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